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Dr. Daniel Boyd - Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Kurre Luber - Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Cooper Terry - Orthopaedic Surgeon
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When a major break threatened Bernard Kuria's chance to run again, he turned to Dr. Terry and the Oxford Orthopaedics team. Here is his inspiring comeback story.

There is nothing quite like the roar of the crowd during a college football game. For one Ole Miss cheerleader, the sounds of the rebel faithful will have even more meaning after a season-ending injury at the bowl game in January of 2013 threatened his future spot in collegiate cheer. Watch his journey here as we celebrate our friend, Tyler Jackson.

Dr. Luber has performed surgery on both my right and left rotator cuffs. My right shoulder was done on December 23, 2010, and my left should was done on December 30, 2011. Both procedures could not have gone any better. I cannot tell that I ever had surgery on my right shoulder, and my left shoulder is doing great, too. I highly recommend Dr. Luber to anyone who needs this type of surgery.

- Bill Arnold

For the past four years I have suffered from excruciating pain in my lower calf muscles whenever I had to walk for an extended period of time. For most of that time, I largely suffered in silence, believing that my problem was simply that I was out of shape and that the burn in my calf muscles was caused by overworking them. I found myself suffering through activities I used to enjoy, as well as simple day-to-day tasks like walking the dogs. Eventually the pain became so annoying and debilitating that I decided to do something about it.

I went to see a physical therapist who told me that the pain was caused because I walked incorrectly and that stretching and massaging would alleviate my symptoms; six weeks later the pain remained unaffected. When I first met with Dr. Luber, I expected him to basically tell me that I was overweight, out of shape and would have to deal with this persistent pain as a consequence; like other medical professionals I had seen, I expected him to give me some vague, nebulous answer about what was wrong with me. I was so relieved when he told me that my condition had a name (Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome), and even more so when he told me there was a solution.

Dr. Luber took the time to sit with me and explain, in detail, the procedure that he recommended I undergo to relieve the painful pressure that was building up in my legs. He told me that the surgery would cure my condition. I am 4 weeks post-op today, and I have been walking PAIN-FREE ever since the soreness from the operation diminished! Thanks to Dr. Luber, and his wonderful staff of nurses and assistants, I can go back to living my life without worrying about daily pain. My only regret is that I did not go to see Dr. Luber sooner.

- Walter Rueff

Over the past three years, Dr. Terry has performed three surgeries for me. He repaired my broken ankle, performed rotator cuff surgery on my left shoulder and just recently, performed ulnar nerve transposition and decompression on my right elbow. With each surgery, I was immobilized to some degree and off work for quite some time. He was not only professional but also a very kind and compassionate person. I always felt like I was in the best of hands and have nothing but wonderful things to say. Thanks to him and all of his expert staff, I am on my way to a full recovery. Oxford, Mississippi is very fortunate and blessed to have this successful orthopaedic surgeon at its disposal. I am very grateful for the wonderful care of this clinic.

- Darryl Still

I had been having right knee and hip pain for about a year. I went to a doctor in Tupelo and was told I just had mild arthritis and physical therapy would fix my problem. I knew there was more to it than that, but I went to physical therapy anyway and the pain only got worse. I went to my doctor in Pontotoc and requested she send me to a different doctor who was going to listen to me; she sent me to Dr. Boyd. The first visit he said it wasn't my knee that was giving me all the pain, but it was my hip radiating down and causing more pain and I needed a hip replacement. I was so relieved to know that the pain wasn't all in my head the way the other doctor had made me feel. On that day we started making plans for my surgery. I was nervous about having the surgery, but everything went fine. I stayed at my sister's house for about 3 weeks, had physical therapy, and was able to go back to work after 6 weeks. I'm so thankful for Dr. Boyd, his staff and for God in helping me to get my life back. Thank you all so much. You will never know what a blessing you have been to me.

- Nita Mathis

I have been down a long road the past year. I underwent bypass surgery in Tupelo, and thanks to Dr. Terry, we found this need before doing surgery on my neck. I lost my life partner, and not long after, I stepped on a nail. Being a diabetic, I didn't realize it until hours later. I did intensive IV therapy for 6 weeks along with the hyperbaric chamber, but this was not successful and I had to have my toe amputated after consulting with Dr. Terry. I thought I was on the road to recovery, but I got on a step ladder to trim some hedges and fell off and hurt my shoulder. My daughter made me go to an urgent care clinic, but they said I needed to go to the ER. It was at least a 6 hour wait so my daughter called your office and asked if Dr. Terry could work me in. They made it happen. I am so grateful to you guys! It ended up that I broke my shoulder bone and now have to heal for another 6 weeks. The entire staff was so professional and helpful, and I truly appreciate you guys working me in on such short notice - that meant a lot to me because I couldn't have waited that long in the ER just for them to tell me that I needed to see Dr. Terry. I come back to see you guys soon, and I will again tell you how much I appreciate everything.

- Tom Fowler

Having surgery on my hand in July was not my first experience with Dr. Terry. He has performed surgery on my husband twice and has performed surgery on me fives times prior. Each time the care was perfect, both by him and his staff. I would recommend Dr. Terry and his group to anyone wanting care that goes above and beyond.

- Alethea Sue Harris Weir

December 15, 2010, was a horrible day. I slipped on black ice, crushed my ankle and broke both bones in my leg. Dr. Boyd was wonderful. He explained how serious the injury was and recommended putting a rod in my leg. All in all I have a rod, plate and about nineteen screws in my leg and ankle holding me together. Today I am walking and doing most anything I want, all due to Dr. Boyd, my physical therapist and my endocrinologist working together to provide good care and patience while I healed. It has taken seven months of healing, but I am walking without a limp and doing well. Being a diabetic for 48 years, this injury could have been crippling for me without his care and encouragement.

-Sheila Joslin

I experienced a bad ankle fracture back in March 2011. It was called a trimalleolar fracture, which basically means my ankle was broken in three places. Dr. Luber was my surgeon, and he and all his staff were so very good to me. His nurse, Julie, was so kind and attentive. Dr. Luber took time to listen to me and my concerns, and he never made me feel that he was rushing out the door. I was anxious to heal, and he got me up and going. I appreciate all the dedicated staff at Oxford Orthopaedics. They are a professional, skilled team you can depend on, but most of all they care about meeting patient needs. I have had occasion to use the skills and services of both Dr. Terry and Dr. Luber, and you can't get better than them.

- Betty Von Kohn

As a former active duty Marine and current reservist, I sincerely appreciate Dr. Terry. Not only does he and Oxford Orthopaedics honor all service members, but I have always received excellent surgical and post-operative treatment by Dr. Terry and his team.

- A.G. Stobbe, Major USMCR

I had been suffering with pain in my shoulder for months. I went to my primary doctor where they took x-rays and gave me some oral steroids, but they did not help. My boss (thank God for him) referred me to see Dr. Luber. It is going on two weeks now since my visit, and I haven't had any pain and can get sleep at night now. Thank you, Dr. Luber.

- Pat Hoyle

After 15 years of struggling with pain in both knees, I decided to see Dr. Luber to determine a course of action. X-rays were taken, and he determined that both knees required replacement. He told me that the timing was up to me. After an archery elk hunt this past Fall I knew I had to do something.

I had my left knee replaced on December 28, 2010. The first month of recovery was no fun. I travel in my business and took my first airline trip on February 8th and have been traveling every week since. I have regained very good range of motion and worked aggressively with the physical therapist. After 8 weeks I am fully mobile and continuing my exercise program on my own.

Dr. Luber and his staff could not have been more professional. From the initial consult through the surgery and follow-up rehabilitation, they have been no more than a phone call away on any question or issue that I might have. At 60, I have discovered I am no longer invincible and recovery from surgery is more demanding than in my youth.

I plan to have my right knee done in December of this year and will definitely have Dr. Luber perform the surgery. I have the highest regard for him and his staff and suggest that if you are contemplating knee replacement that you do yourself a favor and contact him for a consultation.

- Paul Dongieux

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